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Explore a plethora of varied rich Indian Art Crafts etched into different textures of fabrics that will capture your hearts!

The Artistic Process

A glimpse of our most prominent artforms and their resultant creations.

Block Printing

Hand Block Printing, an ancient print technique, has been around for years in India.
“BLOCK” means a wooden square piece with an engraved pattern on it, it is used to print on fabric with natural or synthetic dyes and this art is called block printing.
Its a time consuming and meticulous process carried out by our skilled printers.

Kantha Embroidery

Kantha, a 500 year old popular style of embroidery that comes from West Bengal, displays the skill and talent of the rural women.
Initially women recycled their old clothes using running stitch of Kantha and turned them into something more practical, like covers for furniture, or blankets.
Other forms of stitch such as darning stitch, satin stitch and loop stitch are also popularly used now. Economical, practical and yet beautiful is what Kantha embroidery is all about.

Hand Painting

By around 1000 B.C, a form of fabric paining called Kalamkari, literally meaning ‘pen work’ was developed in India, and made use of brushes to draw patterns on cloths.
While we use Kalamkari in its traditional form where natural dyes are used, we also deliver using modern acrilin colour painting techniques of freehand florals to make it more appealing to the fashion lovers of today.